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Garmin e-collar trainers, using proven Tri-Tronics technology, are easily operated training systems that allow intuitive one hand training so you don’t have to take your eyes off your dog. These Garmin remote trainers feature easy access to different stimulation levels and tone. Tri-Tronics dog collars also have a built in Bark Limiter, remote control of beacon lights, interchangeable contact points and more.

Find the bark control and training solution your dog needs. With safe, effective dog bark control options, you can enjoy a quieter home and a calmer dog.


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Garmin Remote Trainers

Garmin Remote Trainers represent a cutting-edge solution for dog training, providing pet owners with a versatile and effective tool to enhance communication and obedience in their canine companions. These trainers are equipped with advanced technology, allowing users to remotely signal commands to their dogs through a handheld device. The trainers often include features such as tone, vibration, and static stimulation, allowing for customizable training programs tailored to the specific needs and sensitivities of each dog. Garmin's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the durable and waterproof design of their remote trainers, ensuring reliable performance in various environments. With a range that allows for training both near and far, Garmin Remote Trainers empower dog owners to reinforce positive behaviors and address unwanted ones, fostering a strong bond between pets and their human counterparts. As an industry leader in GPS technology, Garmin seamlessly integrates their expertise into these trainers, offering tracking capabilities that enhance safety and peace of mind for both pet and owner.

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